Tips for Care

As much as well all love costume jewelry we do hate the fact that it changes colors. So here are a few tips to help prevent that. One common thing people do is paint their jewelry with clear finger nail polish. This is something I have tried plenty of times and it does work, however it eventually begins to peel and even flake! Not cute. So what do you do now? Try this...

Grab a cheap bottle of crystal clear gloss spray paint. Krylon’s is a reasonable brand that’s sold pretty much everywhere including the infamous Wal-Mart. So splurge a couple of extra bucks on this spray and spray your Meme Belle purchases (along with any other shops) down before you wear them. Try spraying it outside or in a well ventilated area on a hard surface. Try a piece of cardboard from an old shoe box or poster board. You can also use newspaper BUT my only concern would be the jewelry sticking to the newspaper or the newspaper flying onto your jewelry while it’s still wet and leaving an article printing on your favorite pieces. But use whatever you have available. Before you get started, be sure to cover any rhinestones or jewels with scotch tape to protect them from becoming dull or being damaged. I don’t think it would hurt to spray the stones with clear gloss paint but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Now spray your jewelry, top side first and allow it to dry completely before turning it over and spraying the bottom. Remember to also spray at a distance that won’t allow the spray paint to build up and run down your jewelry.  This method will work for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. So spread the word! And get more bang for your buck!